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Ascended Master Sananda Painting by Glenyss Bourne


An event of the greatest importance for the whole world took place on 15th August 2013; the 26th anniversary of “The Harmonic Convergence” of 1987. A large group of Lightworkers from all over the United States and from other countries had gathered in Tucson Arizona, led by Patricia Cota Robles, as they have done every year, to mark the anniversary with a group meditation over the three days, 12th – 15th August 2013.

On August 15th, the final day of the gathering, Patricia Cota Robles, in the group meditation, saw “The Second Coming” of The Christ on the Earth, when Lord Sananda (The Christ) and His Twin Flame, Mary Magdalene, came into the Sacred Space that had been created for them, all around the Mother Earth, thus bringing mass Christ Consciousness in the Minds and Hearts of all Humankind.

On the 12th of August; the first day of the Tucson gathering, yet quite seperately, Meline Lafont, who is the Twin Flame of Master St Germain, channeled from Him, that there would be a “Hundredth Monkey” type avalanche-effect, and all of Humankind would attain to Christ Consciousness.

On the date (15th August) of the “Hundredth Monkey” avalanche-effect, I  too  had a visionary dream from “Father”, my Higher Self, telling me that everyone would become Christ Conscious, but some would, at first be unaware that they were, and would try to continue to live in the illusion of the 3D world.

Mary Magdalene painting by Glenyss Bourne

Mary Magdalene

Then, more recently, on the 6th of September, I had another visionary dream message from “Father”, telling me that I had been instrumental in creating the “Sacred Space” around the Earth, for Sananda and Mary Magdalene to enter in safety, to bring mass Christ Consciousness to the world.

That “Sacred Space” enveloping the Mother Earth is “The Christ Grid”, which I have worked, with others, to establish since around the year 2000, by anchoring the Christ Light, with crystals, at sacred sites all around the world. Since it’s establishment, I have worked daily, as have others no doubt, to radiate my Christ Light into the Christ Grid to energize it, and enlighten the shadows where the dark energies dwell. These dark energies have been illuminated by the Christ Light, so that they have been recognized for what they are and disempowered. This is how the “Sacred Space” surrounding the Mother Earth was created, in preparation for “The Second Coming” of The Christ on a worldwide scale.

There is a precedent for this “Hundredth Monkey” avalanche-effect. In 1995 Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, an incarnation of the Divine Mother, created one that she had predicted several years earlier, when she said that when enough of her followers had opened their Crown chakras and become self realized, or “enlightened” Souls, and had passed it on to others, as one candle flame enlightens onother, the whole world would become self realized in a moment. This happened in the Summer of 1995, and it was accompanied by a miracle. Idols of the Hindu deities in the temples in India began to take milk that was offered to them on a spoon. Some Indians told their relatives in the UK about it, and they found the same thing happened with the idols in their temples too. It was featured on national TV in the UK, and a temple priest was shown tipping milk into the mouth of an idol from a large spoon. An Indian Holy Man was asked what it meant, and he said;- “Something great is going to happen”.

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

My wife and Twin Flame Enid (Marjaran) and I were Sahaja Yogis and followers of Sri Mataji at that time, and I thought that the “something great” would probably happen on the next major Hindu festival, which was Diwali. At that time, we felt a huge hike in the world’s vibration, and we had a very powerful “Buzz” at our Crown chakras that lasted for several weeks. Of course, in those that failed to change their negative ways, the Kundalini fell right back down again, all but one strand, and that gave them the possibility of full Self Realization in the future, when they had changed their negative ways and cleared their chakras. That possibility had not existed before.

In the current “Hundredth Monkey” avalanche, the majority of people in the world will be unaware that they have attained to Christ Consciousness, and will continue to live in the illusion of the 3D world. Christ Consciousness starts with the opening of the Higher Heart chakra, which is “The Gate To Christ Consciousness”, and in those people, that gate which was closed before, is now open just a crack. This will enable them to begin to come more from the Heart in, in their interactions in the 3D world, when their Heart was closed before.

Love and Light from Rananda, on 9th September 2013.

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Spiritual Art By Glenyss BourneFrom “Father” :-       Besides the awareness that we have of the 3D Material Plane that we experience around us through our physical senses, we have a more limited awareness of higher planes or dimensions.

As on a musical scale, these higher dimensions vibrate at higher octaves, and when we raise our vibrational frequency, we become aware of these higher dimensions. Everyone does this every night, though it is little recognized for what it actually is.

When we go to sleep and dream, we are dimensional travelling, and what we see and experience are events that are taking place on a higher dimension. Usually that dimension is 4D (The Astral Plane), but more highly evolved Souls can experience events on 5D (The Mental Plane), or even 6D (The Spiritual Plane, or Master Plane), where, in one’s sleep,Spiritual painting by Glenyss BOurneone can receive guidance from one’s Higher Self, or Group Soul, concerning the work that one has undertaken in incarnation, or about one’s problems on one’s life path. One can also communicate, telepathically with the Soul of another person, or with one’s other life Soul Aspects that are contained within one’s Group Soul / Higher Self.

Mother Earth is also a Soul like us, and like the majority of 3D Souls, her awareness is limited to the 3D and 4D planes. It is the 4D Earth that we experience when we Astral travel (Shift our awareness from 3D to 4D). Like us, Mother Earth is aware in her 4D body, but not yet in her higher bodies. The higher the vibrational frequency of the body, the less is our awareness in it.

With “The End Time” approaching, the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth’s physical body, and her awareness, is being increased to the point where she will make a quantum leap to 5D; and, as our physical bodies are of hers, we too will make this shift in our physical bodies, but only if we are aware at the 5D level. Remember that the majority of Souls on the Earth are in 3D awareness and are not yet aware above 4D, so they will not be able to make this shift. 3D is their appropriate level, as they are still learning their lessons at “The School Of Life”, and they are not yet ready to graduate to 5D. They will continue to cycle between 3D and 4D in incarnation or discarnation, and between sleeping and waking.

Spiritual painting by Glenyss BOurneThere are various external influences that are raising the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth’s physical body (and ours). Powerful energies are now coming from the Sun through solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that are impinging on the Earth’s magnetosphere (Her subtle energy grids) and from the Galactic Centre in energy waves. We feel the effects of those energies as they descend through our chakra systems, wherever we have a block or resistance. This causes us to experience various aches and pains and mystery illnesses. these energies descend through our Higher Chakra system, and enter the lower chakra system at our Higher Heart chakra; then they descend through our lower chakras, through the Root and the Earth Star chakra beneath our feet, where they make their connection to The Christ Grid and Mother Earth’s own chakra system. If we wish to minimise the painful effects on our physical body, it behoves us to clear our chakras daily, and to ground ourselves properly into the Earth, so that these powerful transformative energies can flow freely through our chakra systems.

Channelled through Rananda on 3rd July 2011.


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from Rananda-” To be in darkness is simply to see oneself as SEPARATE from The Light.

Angel Painting by Glenyss Bourne

The Light of LOVE shines the brightest in the darkest places.

Darkness is afraid of The Light, because it can be dispelled by it, so it attacks The Light, but The Light doesn’t counter attack. The only thing The Light knows how to do is to SHINE, and so it illuminates what is hidden in the darkness, and expose…s it to view. This is how The Christ Grid works. ”

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The Christ Grid that links all of the old and new energy vortices at the sacred sites all around the Mother Earth, is now complete; but it is like a battery that needs to be charged with The Christ Light before it can enlighten the darkness of the world.

Angelic Art by Glenyss BourneSome of the Christborn who have passed The Gate into Christ Consciousness, at Higher Heart chakra, and who have received their Christ Name, are now energising The Christ Grid, but many who have their Name have not realised about this possibility.

Your Christ Name is your Sword Of Power, that greatly empowers all lightwork done in that Name; and if you radiate your Christ Light into The Christ Grid, daily, in that Name, The Grid will be charged with that powerful Christ Light. That Light will travel all around the Mother Earth, and will radiate into the Hearts and Minds of all the “Children” (Those in 3D awareness) healing them en-masse, mentally, emotionally and physically, of all that ails them.

Another function of That Christ Light is to dispel the dark shadows where the dark energies have been hiding, exposing them to view. There is no need to even specify a particular dark energy; the fact that you have been concerned about it is enough. This can be seen at work now. There are new scandals and exposes almost daily in the media, where the activities of those dark energies are highlighted (Christlighted) and exposed to public view.

When there are enough Christborn lightworkers radiating their Christ Light into The Christ Grid, a trigger point will be reached, and it will bring about “The Dimensional Shift” of Mother Earth and Humankind. It is not something that is going to happen to us; we have to make it happen.

Here is a suggested lightwork / visualisation for energising The Christ Grid. It is not set in concrete; you can vary the wording or modify the visualisation to suit yourself, as long as you keep the meaning the same :-

Seat yourself before your altar, or in your meditation space.

Reach out your arms before you at shoulder height, with fingertips touching, and say (aloud if possible, in a powerful voice) :-

Angelic art by Glenyss Bourne

“I (Christ Name) radiate The Light Of Divine Love and The Light Of Eternal Truth in Christ Consciousness”,- See the Pink and Blue Light from your left and right hands, merging into Violet and Gold at your fingertips. Then, begin to sweep your arms around you at shoulder height, with fingers extended outward, saying,- “into the Hearts and Minds of all the Children, all around me as far as I may reach.”- As you are sweeping your arms around you, visualise rays of Violet and Gold Christlight radiating horizontally outward from your fingertips. When your fingertips touch behind your neck, bring your arms back around, saying,- “throughout The Christ Grid”,-  (While still visualising the rays radiating outward from your fingers.) Then, when your fingertips touch again at the front, sweep your arms down and around, while visualising them encompassing the Earth; saying,- “all around the Mother Earth.” Then, clasping your hands in front of you, say;- “Let the Hearts and the Minds of all the Children, be filled with the Light of Divine Love and the Light of Eternal Truth. For the greatest good of all concerned so be it. I am (Christ Name.)”—

The more of us who do this lightwork regularly, the more brilliant and powerful the Christ Light will be, that empowers the Christ Grid; and the more effective it will be in the mass healing of those who are still in third dimensional awareness; and also in illuminating the dark shadows where the dark energies have concealed their activities. The Mother Earth and Humankind will truly be enlightened.

Love, Light and Blessings from Rananda, on 24rth December 2010 X

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From Rananda:- There is an inborn system of ascension that is like a `ladder’ that extends from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, and it is called “The Chakra System”.

There is no need to look outside of yourself for a way to “ascend”; it is right there, ready for you to use. There is a lower `ladder’, whose rungs are the lower chakras, that takes you from Root chakra to Crown, and “Enlightenment” / “Self Realisation”; but there is also an extension ladder, that of the Higher Chakras that takes you from your Higher Heart chakra to your Higher Crown chakra, and “Christ Consciousness” / “Ascension” / “The Kingdom Of Heaven”.

Angel Art by Glenyss BourneJesus taught that, in order to enter “The Kingdom Of Heaven” one must first remit one’s sins, and it is this remission of your sins that opens the lower chakras and allows the process of ascension up the chakra `ladder’.

Chakras are subtle spiritual centres, at various points along the length of the spine. They can be visualised as a bit like donuts, with a hole in the middle.The Kundalini energy, your Soul, or personal aspect of The Divine Mother, rests, or “sleeps”, at the base of your spine until the moment of your spiritual awakening. It is at this point that you start out on the spiritual path and begin a process of self purification. Wrong thought or action in the world (“Sin”) causes the chakra to constrict and close the hole, so that the Kundalini has difficulty in squeezing through it; and that particular `rung’ is denied you until you mend your ways and purify yourself in that particular respect.

As you work at self purification on the spiritual path, you gradually open the lower chakras, one by one. At each chakra, there are certain “sins” that keep it closed, or constricted, (These have been covered in a previous message:– “The Lower Chakras And Christ Consciousness”)– When all of the lower chakras are open at the same time, the Crown chakra opens, and you become “Enlightened”, or “Self Realised” (You realise that you are Spirit)

Angel painting by Glenyss BourneAfter the Crown chakra has opened and you have become an Enlightened Soul, you can begin the ascent of the higher ladder of The Higher Chakras, at Higher Heart, which is located over the Thymus Gland, behind your upper breastbone. This chakra is “The Gate To Christ Consciousness”, and when you have opened it, you begin your ascension into Christ Consciousness, or “The Kingdom Of Heaven” spoken of by Jesus The Christ.

Specific information on opening this chakra has been given previously, but briefly; the requirements are; healing others, on an individual level, motivated by compassion for them; balance of your Heavenly / Earthly activities (Meditation, Lightworking / Earthly responsibilities); and balance of your Inner Male / Inner Female energies (At this higher level, this also results in union in balance of  The Divine Father and The Divine Mother.) Through their union in balance, The Divine Child / The Christ Child / Christ Consciousness is conceived.

You now have your connection to your Higher Self, or personal Aspect of Spirit, but in order to `see’ Spirit clearly, you have to open your Higher Brow chakra (At the top of the head, at the back). This allows you to see clearly in The Light Of Spirit.

In order to “channel”, or speak with The Voice Of Spirit, it is necessary to open the Higher Throat chakra, which is located at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull.

Angel art by Glenyss Bourne- Archangel Michael and MaryAt this point, you have become a fully Christ Conscious Soul, and you can now heal people en-masse, and Mother Earth, by radiating your Christ Light into The Christ Grid, which encompasses the planet, linking all the sacred sites.

As an aspect of The Christ Energy, you are authorised to speak and act as Spirit, or Sananda, The Christ (The same–“I and My Father are One”)—

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From Sananda :- During the past ten years or so, I have recruited many of The Christ Born, The Elect and other highly evolved Souls incarnate on the Mother Earth, to extend and activate “The Christ Grid”. That subtle network is now complete. It links most of the sacred sites on the etheric body of the Mother Earth via rays of Christ Light, enfolding Her in a protective cocoon of Golden Light.

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne

Angel of Rebirth and New Beginnings

Many of those subtle sites are the ancient, and well known ones, but many new sites, or spiritual vortices, have been added to the ancient grid. That grid is the tool, by means of which Humankind and The Mother Earth may be able to ascend to higher awareness at the end of this current evolutionary period. Each one will ascend to their appropriate place, depending on their current dimensional level.

The majority, at the 3D level, will, after the transition, live out their lives, and then be reborn on another 3D planet. They will not know about their past lives on the Earth until they evolve to the stage where they become able to remember their other lives. These are the ones that do not follow the spiritual path, and that are at “The School Of Life” in incarnation on the Earth, where they are in emotional relationships, governed by the laws of karma.

Those 4D, 5D and even a few 6D Souls incarnate on the Earth, will take an evolutionary step, and will be initiated to a higher level of awareness, when the moment of transition comes. Mother Earth herself will also take this initiatory step.

There are many volunteers working on the Earth at the moment, who have come with life purposes to aid this transition; many of them descended into materiality from Spirit, at the start of this current evolutionary period, many thousands of years ago; they are of “The Elect”, or “Boddhisatvas” who, motivated by compassion, accepted a fall in their vibrational level, and separated from Spirit, in order to take incarnation on the Earth, to further the process of sp

Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne

Angel of Forgiveness and Compassion

iritual evolution, during many incarnations, over a period of many thousands of years.

There are also those who have attained to Christ Consciousness during the current evolutionary period, who are contributing their Christ Light to energize The Grid. (The Elect attained it at the end of the previous evolutionary period); and also contributing is a small army of Earthworker ETs. These are “The Guardian ETs Of The Earth and Humankind”, who have worked to prevent the inhabitants of the Earth from destroying themselves and their planet before they can ascend. Many of them have now attained to positions of power and influence on the Earth; they are of many different species of ET (In their previous incarnation before taking birth, or “walking in”). So called “Negative ETs” can no longer come to the Earth now that The Christ Grid is complete.

Although The Christ Grid is now complete, there is still not much Christ Light being radiated into it. It is like a battery that remains uncharged. Some Christ Conscious Souls incarnate on the Earth are still asleep; some are radiating their Christ Light into The Grid, but many of those who are working at healing modalities, at The Gate to Christ Consciousness; the Higher Heart chakra, on an individual level, could open that chakra and receive their Christ Name; then they could begin to contribute their Light, greatly empowered by doing so in that Name. They could then heal many people, and cataclysmic events, simultaneously by simply radiating The Light.

Sananda by Glenyss Bourne


When enough of the Christ Born are contributing, by radiating The Light into The Grid, a trigger point will be reached, and an avalanche effect will take place. This is the same thing as “The Hundredth Monkey Effect” When a certain number of monkeys had learned to wash their fruit in the sea, suddenly all monkeys of that species, even on other islands and on the mainland, began to do it too.

If you are a healer, ask for your Christ Name and pass The Gate. Your input is needed, and the time is now.
I am Sananda.

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Healing Angel Art by Glenyss Bournefrom Sananda“The transition of Mother Earth and Humankind is not something that is going to “HAPPEN” to you; those of you in The Christ Light have to BRING IT ABOUT, by each RADIATING that Light into “The Christ Grid” that encompasses the Mother Earth. A trigger-point will be reached, and all will be accomplished and… made new.” ♥ Sananda.

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