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5-small“Wormholes” have frequently been depicted in sci-fi movies and TV series as a sort of twisting tunnel that connects distant points in space and acts as a sort of short-cut for spacecraft to travel over vast distances that would be too far apart in space/time to cover by conventional space travel in a practical period of time. These “Wormholes” do exist in great profusion throughout the Cosmos, and are used by the craft of extra-terrestrial races for interstellar and inter-galactic travel. They are the super highways and byways of the Cosmos, and enable travel over what we perceive as vast distances. As “Time” is a “Now Moment”, so “Space/Distance” is a “Point”. Space/distance has just as little reality as time. Space and Time are two ways of looking at the same thing. A distance can be expressed as a time. Ask an Arab nomad how far to the next town and you are just likely to be told, “Three days”. This is distance expressed as a time.
The Cosmos is a great Being and the network of plasma tubes connecting the Stars and the Galaxies can be likened to the nervous system of that Being. Every “thing” in existence is a Soul in spiritual evolution, from the tiniest Atom to the greatest Galaxy, and even the Universe or Cosmos itself is a Being.
The existence of these Wormholes has been known to the self styled “Illuminati” for several decades, but this knowledge has been suppressed, and the wormholes have been used by them in what has come to be known as “The Secret Space Program”. They have received that technology from certain of the so called “Negative ET” races with whom they traded in the 1950s onward, as well as the knowledge of gravity cancelling craft that have the ability to use the wormholes. With these advantages, they have travelled to other planets and moons within The Solar System and to other Star Systems and Galaxies, without, via the wormholes. The Illuminati gain a sense of superiority by keeping these technologies for their own use and depriving the general public of them.
Even NASA (An arm of the American Department Of Defense) have revealed the presence of wormholes, but they have played it down, and half concealed it in technical language. They do not reveal the whole story or the implications for Humankind. Much is concealed by NASA, but all will be revealed in full disclosure, when the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) believe that the general public are ready for this knowledge. Meanwhile, they have to make do with bit by bit disclosure via the “whistleblowers” brave enough to defy the Illuminati.
Lord Ezekiel via Rananda Kumara on 19th January 2017
Love and Light from Rananda. —

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Angel of Reflection by Glenyss BourneThere is much confusion surrounding the subjects of;- ascension;- removal of the Illuninati and their negative ET allies from the Earth;- cleansing of the mother Earth;- and “Going Home” for the Starseed volunteers who have been working as “Ground Crew” for The Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) on the Earth.

Many people believe that they will play a part in bringing about all of these end results, but this is not the case. Different timelines will result in different outcomes for the inhabitants of the Earth, dependant on what we collectively choose  and continue to choose.

Many people also cannot see how Mother Earth can possibly be cleansed, and all of the damage inflicted upon her and us, by the dark ones, put right by the 21st December 2012; now only weeks away. They are right, it is going to take years to clean up the biosphere and install new, benevolent infrastructure on the Earth. It will also take time for people to adjust to all these far-reaching changes.

Our collective destiny is not written in stone; it is created by our collective desires; beliefs and visualisations of the future, which has no real existence until we create it in this way. Every time we make a collective choice, we create a new timeline that will result in that outcome, but we have to remain focussed on that desired outcome for it to manifest.

On the Earth, there are three main groups of Lightworkers that are concerned with different aspects of “The Shift”, and that are collectively visualising three different desired outcomes.

The first of these groups is the one that creates the 3D timeline, and it consists of the millions of Starseeds from the GFL who are working on the Earth toward the continuation of the 3D Earth, with the ejection of the Illuminati controllers and their Negative ET allies;- disclosure of the presence of the GFL around and upon the Earth;- and the cleansing and transformation of the Earth’s biosphere, with the help of the advanced technology of the GFL, over a period of years. On completion of this, these Starseed Earthworkers will re-ascend to their respective ships or planets.

The second of these groups is the one that creates the 5D timeline, and it consists of those that have evolved to maturity during the current evolution on the Earth, and who have now chosen to ascend with Mother Earth and to live on the new, 5D ascended Earth. This will happen quite quickly as there are no constraints on it apart from the readiness of the aspirants to ascend. A few advanced Starseeds with the necessary skills, will trigger this 5D ascension from their strategic positions on the Earth, at the appropriate trigger moment.

Angel of the Cosmos -Astaria by Glenyss Bourne      On the Starseed timeline, the Starseed “Ground Crew” will return to their “Homes” in the ships of the GFL, or to their home planets.  Some of these Starseeds have been working for the GFL on the Earth since the beginning of this evolutionary period, many millenia ago, during many lives, and are now somewhat battle weary and ready to go home. They are the “Wayshowers” for the more recent arrivals; the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Sun children. This will also happen quite quickly, as soon as their missions on the Earth are complete. They are already ascended and will live in 5D+ in the ships or on their home planets.

Which of these timelines is yours ?  It would be wise to narrow your focus to that particular outcome, and not to split your energy between three different timelines and scatter it. Focus on the job that is yours; there are others who have got the other two jobs covered. They have brought the necessary skills `toolbox’ with them for those jobs, and you have brought the necessary skills for yours.

“Father” via Rananda on 1st November 2012.

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