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Children are closer to Spirit [“God”] because they have not yet been contaminated by dark energies in their current life; but this contamination has been spoiling their innocence at a progressively earlier age, during the past thirty years or so.

There are dark Souls at work on the Earth. They are afraid of the Light that the children bring into the world, and they attack it at every opportunity (one sees in the media, more and more attacks, and murders of children).  These dark Souls also find ways to spoil the innocence of children. One way is through video games, that,over the past thirty years or so, have become progressively more violent, and sexual in content. The children also become `hooked’ on these games, and this keeps them fully occupied, so that they have no time to discover, and pursue the life purpose that they undertook before taking incarnation on the Earth.

"Loving Kindness" by Glenyss Bourne

“Live the attitude of Loving Kindness and teach it to your children by your example.

Many of these children are highly evolved Souls, who have life purposes, important to “The Divine Plan”, to carry out upon the Earth in these “End Times”, and they are kept from that important work (sometimes well into middle age) by their addiction to these games.

Another way that the dark Souls spoil the innocence of the children, is through children”s TV programs.  “Supernatural” and “Sci-Fi” programs aimed at children, feature scary monsters, demons and evil “aliens” that induce fear in the children. These monsters, demons and evil aliens are depicted as very powerful, and they can usually only be defeated by a hero with superior physical, or supernatural, force.  This is militaristic thinking that promotes warfare as the way to defeat your enemies. The “evil aliens” aspect of these programs is conditioning of the people of the Earth, to regard ETs as enemies who want to take the Earth from us, when in fact most of the ETs are working to protect us and to prevent us from prematurely destroying our  planet.

This conditioning is particularly effective, as it takes place at an early age, when the children are most impressionable. Many of the children taking incarnation in the world in these “End Times” are very highly evolved Souls, and they have brought much Light and wisdom into the world with them.

It is sad that one can no longer engage a child in conversation, without one’s motives being called into question, as some of these children are old and wise Souls, who have incarnated at this time, to help with the dimensional shift of Mother Earth and Humankind. They bring a fresh and new perspective into the world, and are much more interesting to talk with than most adults. However, they are conditioned from an early age “not to speak to strangers”, so they are being deprived of a voice in the world. This is an area where the dark Souls have prevented more Light from entering the world.

I was told by Ashtar Command during the 1990s;- “The children are not your children;- don’t tell them that you know better; listen to what they have to say.”-

From Rananda on 27th September 2009

Love and Light from Rananda.


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Angel of Reflection by Glenyss BourneThere is much confusion surrounding the subjects of;- ascension;- removal of the Illuninati and their negative ET allies from the Earth;- cleansing of the mother Earth;- and “Going Home” for the Starseed volunteers who have been working as “Ground Crew” for The Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) on the Earth.

Many people believe that they will play a part in bringing about all of these end results, but this is not the case. Different timelines will result in different outcomes for the inhabitants of the Earth, dependant on what we collectively choose  and continue to choose.

Many people also cannot see how Mother Earth can possibly be cleansed, and all of the damage inflicted upon her and us, by the dark ones, put right by the 21st December 2012; now only weeks away. They are right, it is going to take years to clean up the biosphere and install new, benevolent infrastructure on the Earth. It will also take time for people to adjust to all these far-reaching changes.

Our collective destiny is not written in stone; it is created by our collective desires; beliefs and visualisations of the future, which has no real existence until we create it in this way. Every time we make a collective choice, we create a new timeline that will result in that outcome, but we have to remain focussed on that desired outcome for it to manifest.

On the Earth, there are three main groups of Lightworkers that are concerned with different aspects of “The Shift”, and that are collectively visualising three different desired outcomes.

The first of these groups is the one that creates the 3D timeline, and it consists of the millions of Starseeds from the GFL who are working on the Earth toward the continuation of the 3D Earth, with the ejection of the Illuminati controllers and their Negative ET allies;- disclosure of the presence of the GFL around and upon the Earth;- and the cleansing and transformation of the Earth’s biosphere, with the help of the advanced technology of the GFL, over a period of years. On completion of this, these Starseed Earthworkers will re-ascend to their respective ships or planets.

The second of these groups is the one that creates the 5D timeline, and it consists of those that have evolved to maturity during the current evolution on the Earth, and who have now chosen to ascend with Mother Earth and to live on the new, 5D ascended Earth. This will happen quite quickly as there are no constraints on it apart from the readiness of the aspirants to ascend. A few advanced Starseeds with the necessary skills, will trigger this 5D ascension from their strategic positions on the Earth, at the appropriate trigger moment.

Angel of the Cosmos -Astaria by Glenyss Bourne      On the Starseed timeline, the Starseed “Ground Crew” will return to their “Homes” in the ships of the GFL, or to their home planets.  Some of these Starseeds have been working for the GFL on the Earth since the beginning of this evolutionary period, many millenia ago, during many lives, and are now somewhat battle weary and ready to go home. They are the “Wayshowers” for the more recent arrivals; the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Sun children. This will also happen quite quickly, as soon as their missions on the Earth are complete. They are already ascended and will live in 5D+ in the ships or on their home planets.

Which of these timelines is yours ?  It would be wise to narrow your focus to that particular outcome, and not to split your energy between three different timelines and scatter it. Focus on the job that is yours; there are others who have got the other two jobs covered. They have brought the necessary skills `toolbox’ with them for those jobs, and you have brought the necessary skills for yours.

“Father” via Rananda on 1st November 2012.

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Angel Painting By Glenyss Bourne “There are no special meditations that you have to do in order to ensure your ascension. All you have to do is to feel the joy along with your ascendent Brothers and Sisters, and go with the flow of Joy, together with them. Don’t focus on the negative doubts and fears that are placed in your way by the dark ones, or you will create more of the same. Focus only on the positive; feel only the Love and the Joy of ascension.” “Father” via Rananda on 5th October 2012. Love and Light from Rananda. X

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Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne“THE END OF TIME” :- will arrive when the rate of passage of time, in it’s exponentially rising curve, goes VERTICAL in a “NOW MOMENT”, in which all events are simultaneous. At this point, a quantum leap occurs, into a higher octave of evolution, in TIMELESSNESS, where events are experienced by `tuning-in’ to them, and time and space are no longer limiting factors. ♥ Rananda.

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Angel painting by Glenyss Bourne  The time of “The Shift” is now very close upon us, and those of us whose Higher Heart chakras have opened are suddenly experiencing the opening of the 4rth Eye chakra, at the back of the head, at the top. This opening is bringing a great influx of spiritual energy and messages from our Higher Self (“Father”) that guide us around the pitfalls set before us by the dark ones.

The suddenness and urgency of the influx of spiritual energy is causing overwhelm in some, and physical symptoms, including dizziness, nausea and headache. This headache is called “Lightburn”, and is caused by flowing more spiritual energy than we are used to. Good grounding will help, and those symptoms will soon pass as you allow the energy to flow, unhindered, into the Earth. ♥ Rananda.

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Angelic Painting by Glenyss Bourne Twin Souls are two aspects of the same Soul; normally male and female. They are not necessarily like mirror images of each other; they can also be opposites; each providing what the other lacks; like two sides of the same coin.

Normally, one Twin remains discarnate while the other is incarnate, and acts as the “Guardian Angel” of the incarnate Twin.

In some lives, a greater amount of Soul Energy is needed to fulfil the life-purpose of that particular life, and, as a physical vehicle can only hold a limited amount of Soul Energy, the discarnate Twin has to take incarnation too, in order to provide the extra energy that is needed

Before birth, Twin Souls arrange a signal, so that when they meet, they will recognise each other as their other half, and fall in love. Intuitively they will know each other and come together.

In these “End Times”, leading up to “The Dimensional Shift”, many Twin Souls have taken incarnation together, as their combined Soul Energy is needed to complete the work that they have undertaken in the 3D material world.

Because Twin Souls are seldom together during their incarnations,they can grow apart from each other in spiritual awareness, and one Twin may spiritually awaken before the other. The less aware Twin may leave the other, thinking his / her ideas crazy; but if the Twins can remain together until the less aware Twin awakens, there will be mutual understanding, and they will renew their bond.

 Angel Painring by Glenyss Bourne       After they have cleansed their negativities; opened their lower chakras and their Higher Heart chakra, their Higher Selves will begin to remind them of their life purpose, and they will begin to work together at it, using the gifts that they brought with them when they took birth.

In these “End TImes” most Twin Soul couples have incarnated with a life purpose associated with the ascension of Mother Earth and the spiritual aspirants, to fifth dimensional awareness.

At their time of ascension, it is the total amount of Eternal Virtue accumulated by both Twins in all of their lives during this evolutionary period, that is the factor that decides if the Twin Souls are ready to ascend. This is assessed by their “Higher Selves” or “Group Souls” that comprises there “Council Of Elders”.

If one of the Twins has not awakened in the current life, or is discarnate, it makes little difference, as he / she will have lived hundreds of lives since the beginning of this evolution; many thousands of years ago, and will have accumulated a vast amount of Eternal Virtue.

It is only the more evolved Souls who have taken incarnation with their Twin Soul, as they need to carry a large amount of Soul Energy shared between them, in order to carry out their life purpose.

Channelled from “Father” through Rananda on 25th July 2011

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Spiritual Art By Glenyss BourneFrom “Father” :-       Besides the awareness that we have of the 3D Material Plane that we experience around us through our physical senses, we have a more limited awareness of higher planes or dimensions.

As on a musical scale, these higher dimensions vibrate at higher octaves, and when we raise our vibrational frequency, we become aware of these higher dimensions. Everyone does this every night, though it is little recognized for what it actually is.

When we go to sleep and dream, we are dimensional travelling, and what we see and experience are events that are taking place on a higher dimension. Usually that dimension is 4D (The Astral Plane), but more highly evolved Souls can experience events on 5D (The Mental Plane), or even 6D (The Spiritual Plane, or Master Plane), where, in one’s sleep,Spiritual painting by Glenyss BOurneone can receive guidance from one’s Higher Self, or Group Soul, concerning the work that one has undertaken in incarnation, or about one’s problems on one’s life path. One can also communicate, telepathically with the Soul of another person, or with one’s other life Soul Aspects that are contained within one’s Group Soul / Higher Self.

Mother Earth is also a Soul like us, and like the majority of 3D Souls, her awareness is limited to the 3D and 4D planes. It is the 4D Earth that we experience when we Astral travel (Shift our awareness from 3D to 4D). Like us, Mother Earth is aware in her 4D body, but not yet in her higher bodies. The higher the vibrational frequency of the body, the less is our awareness in it.

With “The End Time” approaching, the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth’s physical body, and her awareness, is being increased to the point where she will make a quantum leap to 5D; and, as our physical bodies are of hers, we too will make this shift in our physical bodies, but only if we are aware at the 5D level. Remember that the majority of Souls on the Earth are in 3D awareness and are not yet aware above 4D, so they will not be able to make this shift. 3D is their appropriate level, as they are still learning their lessons at “The School Of Life”, and they are not yet ready to graduate to 5D. They will continue to cycle between 3D and 4D in incarnation or discarnation, and between sleeping and waking.

Spiritual painting by Glenyss BOurneThere are various external influences that are raising the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth’s physical body (and ours). Powerful energies are now coming from the Sun through solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that are impinging on the Earth’s magnetosphere (Her subtle energy grids) and from the Galactic Centre in energy waves. We feel the effects of those energies as they descend through our chakra systems, wherever we have a block or resistance. This causes us to experience various aches and pains and mystery illnesses. these energies descend through our Higher Chakra system, and enter the lower chakra system at our Higher Heart chakra; then they descend through our lower chakras, through the Root and the Earth Star chakra beneath our feet, where they make their connection to The Christ Grid and Mother Earth’s own chakra system. If we wish to minimise the painful effects on our physical body, it behoves us to clear our chakras daily, and to ground ourselves properly into the Earth, so that these powerful transformative energies can flow freely through our chakra systems.

Channelled through Rananda on 3rd July 2011.


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