The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is not the Mother Earth. She is the collective consciousness of all that is separate from Spirit; of all Souls in creation.

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

Every Soul, no matter how small is an aspect of The Divine Mother. Before there was separation, all existed within Spirit and there was no polarity of male and female; Divine Father and Divine Mother, but when, at The Creation,separation occurred, polarity was created and there was a Divine Father and a Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is all that is separate from Spirit. After separation, She divided into smaller and smaller Souls, each with a male and female aspect and they, in turn, divided into further polarized Souls.

With each division, the consciousness of these Souls was diminished.  Planets stars and galaxies are also Souls and aspects of The Divine Mother. This planet, Mother Earth is currently a third dimensional [3D] planet, but soon to make a dimensional shift to 4D. Planets, like people,are evolving Souls.

Some people, incarnate on the Earth, are at a higher level of awareness, or higher dimensional level than Mother Earth herself. The vast majority of people are at the 3D level of awareness,but there are 4D, 5D and even a few 6D Souls incarnate here,although the 6D Souls have to take a step down to 5D in order to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation.

The idea that Mother Earth is The Divine Mother has it`s roots in the Native American tradition. In a sense,Mother Earth is our `mother`; in that the material substance of our physical bodies  has come out, or `been born`, of hers; but she is not The Divine Mother.

Angel   of Light - Lei Andra by Glenyss Bourne

Angel of Light – Lei Andra by Glenyss Bourne

The 6D Souls incarnate on the Earth evolved to maturity and united with Spirit at the end of the previous evolutionary period. They have volunteered to descend once more into incarnation at the start of this current evolutionary period to act as facilitators of the evolutionary process; to be teachers, inventors, artists and composers, writers and political innovators, etc.

It is they who `oil the wheels`of spiritual evolution. The 3D Souls incarnate on the Earth are attending `the school of life`, and many of the 4D and 5D Souls are their teachers, both in, incarnation and during discarnation.

A Soul`s level is denoted by Her Soul-Aura colour. The youngest Souls are Red and they progress through the colours of the rainbow until they reach Indigo.

There are Violet Souls,but they have reached the 6D level and are no longer able to remain in the cycle of reincarnation. They can only regain that ability if they take a step down to the 5D [Indigo] level as mentioned above.

Archangel Sandalphon in Flight by Glenyss Bourne

Archangel Sandalphon in Flight by Glenyss Bourne

3D Souls progress to higher and higher levels at `the school of life` through the machinery of karma and receive tuition during discarnation, from the older Souls.”

A channeled message from “Father”

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Sacred Heart of Action by Glenyss BourneThe Mind alone cannot know what is beyond the Mind, but when the Mind is balanced by the Heart, one can know what is beyond the limitations of the Mind alone.

This is how the Higher Heart chakra is opened and one takes the first step into Christ Consciousness.

Father’ through Rananda

Lady Vesta – Sun Goddess

A great deal of fear and confusion exists in the world with regard to extraterrestrials, but there is no need to fear; The Star Brethren have been visiting the Earth for millions of years. They have re-seeded life here more than once, from other planets, when it has been extinguished in cataclysmic events such as asteroid strikes.  Usually they have kept a low profile, as The Divine Law Of Freewill does not allow them to interfere with our choices as we evolve spiritually.

       The Earth is a very abundant planet in mineral and biological resources, compared to most other planets, which are mostly barren, so The Star Brethren regard it as their `garden’, which they visit occasionally to take small quantities of minerals and plant and animal life, to seed other, more barren, planets.  They have been careful gardeners and have not taken too much; and they have re-seeded here when necessary.   They also respect all of the species that inhabit the Earth as Souls in spiritual evolution.

Hubble photo“Humankind” was seeded from the genes of various Star Races.  That is why Humans are physically, so much like many of the humanoid Star Races throughout the galaxy; many of whom could pass for Humans in the street.  These Star Beings spliced their genes with those of the the Earth Humans, making them more intelligent and resistant to disease.  Many Star Beings carry the same names as we do. This is not because they have stolen our names, but that we have taken theirs.

With regard to ETs, there is no “them and us”. In our other lives, we have sometimes been ETs and have lived on other planets. We are all one great Star Family; members of The Galactic Community.

With the explosion of the first nuclear weapons at the end of WW II, we on the Earth began to pollute the `garden’ Earth and despoil it on a much larger scale than in the preceding Industrial Revolution. This got the attention of The Star Brethren, because nuclear radiation corrupts DNA and adversely affects them and their planets as well as us and ours, and the damage is not limited to one dimension.  We are not separate from them as we appear to be on the physical level; we are all aspects of one great consciousness, and what one does affects all the others.  After that time The Star Brethren began to visit us much more frequently, to clean up the mess that we were making of their (and our) garden planet.

Two main groups of ETs came to visit; one group were the `gardeners’ but the other; those we call “The Grays”, had a different agenda. They came from our future, and a timeline that had resulted in them having the physical appearance that they now bear.  Their physical appearance was a result of their taking GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms.)  They were now in a genetic dead end and their immune system was collapsing.

The Grays chose the American Air Force to make contact with in the early 1950s. Being a collective, they were all telepathically connected and didn’t understand that we were individuals. They assumed that if they had an agreement with the American military, we all on the Earth were in on the agreement. The Grays are not particularly spiritually advanced beings and neither were the American military with whom they made contact. The USAF made a secret deal with them that allowed them to establish bases on the Earth, and to abduct people and remove genetic material from them, to enable them to repair their damaged DNA.    In return the American military would be given some of their advanced technology, but they kept that technology a military secret.

The military farmed out that technology to the armaments industry and made a secret alliance with them. This was the start of “The Military/Industrial Alliance”, which was an alliance of dark Souls that profitted from starting wars for financial gain. The power behind all this was what we now call “The Dark Cabal” or “The Illuminati”, whose agenda was world domination.

The whole scenario of “The Cold War” and “The Space Program” was the view of things that was for public consumption.  All this time, the American military had a secret space program that used the craft that they had built and back engineered from their deal with the Grays.  They had no need to go back to the Moon or to find a successor to the Space Shuttle program, because they had already gone back to the Moon and established bases there, using the back engineered ET craft.  They had also established bases on Mars in the same way.  These black projects were developed using the tax dollars from the American public.

At the start of the new millennium, the Grays had to withdraw from the Earth as their weak immune system could no longer tolerate the very high level of pollution.

During this time, the other group of ETs that we have referred to as “The Gardners” were being kept busy cleaning up the radioactive hotspots and pollution on the Earth, that resulted from Nuclear bomb tests and leaks from nuclear power stations, and other dangers to our survival on the Earth. Traditionally they have been our protectors, like `big brothers’, or sort of `super baby sitters’. Their aim is to prevent us from destroying ourselves or our planet before we can ascend and join them as fifth dimensional Souls in The Galactic Community. These ETs are those called “The Galactic Federation Of Light”(GFL), and they have now been given Divine Authority to remove The Cabal and their allies, The Grays, from the Earth. The aim of The Dark Alliance is world domination and the enslavement of the people of Earth, and they would dearly like to prevent our ascension from 3D/4D to 5D, and our joining The Galactic Community.  However, it is part of The Divine Plan that we will ascend, and The Galactic Federation Of Light are here in large numbers, to make sure that it happens.

Much Love from Rananda Kumara on 9th June 2012.

5-small“God” is not an old man with a long,White beard, sitting on a throne in Heaven, rewarding or punishing you according to your actions.
Collectively WE ARE GOD, but we have given away our power to manifest our destiny, to this imaginary, SEPARATE “God”.
We are each an individual aspect of a great collective consciousness that is “ALL THAT IS”, living in an illusion of separation.
The idea of a separate “God” has been perpetuated by the various religions that we have subscribed to in the past. We have been persuaded that we need the priests of those religions to intercede with “God” on our behalf, but to “intercede” means to come between us and a separate “God”.
92-smallIn one’s search for “God”, the first possibility that one is likely to find may come from a guiding voice from within. However, this is more likely to be one of one’s Spirit Guides, or the voice of one’s Higher Self (The collective consciousness of all of one’s past life Soul Aspects) providing guidance when asked. Spirit Guides are usually higher 4D Souls in discarnation, who serve in this way. They also may tell one their names and thus identify themselves as individual beings, and not the nameless and formless “God”.
In the higher dimensions of 6D+ there also reside many great Light Beings and the Angels and Archangels of many different Star Nations, who will also give guidance and protection if asked. They also have names and are thus not “God”. However, at higher levels, there also exist nameless and formless, great 105-smallEnergy Beings, and although nameless and formless, they still have individuality and are thus also not “God”.
As one evolves spiritually toward reunion with ALL THAT IS / “GOD”, one takes the first step when one is ready, by reblending with one’s Higher Self and ascending to that dimension where He / She exists. However, the Higher Self also has a Higher Self, or “Greater Higher Self”. This Greater Higher Self also has a name and may also have a form, and exists in a still higher dimension. One’s next step will be to reblend with this “Greater Higher Self” when one is ready.
Each successive Higher Self has an even greater Higher Self and these are great, nameless and formless Energy Beings that exist all the way back to the Godhead, each one greater in extent and power and awareness than the last. Collectively, they comprise one’s “I AM PRESENCE”, and one shares them with the I AM PRESENCE of all other Souls. One would not normally have the awareness of these Great Beings until one approaches their level.
Ultimately, one would reblend with The Divine Mother whose Being is at the end of the line. She is The Mother God, and The Divine Father is The Father God. One would then be omniscient;- aware of ALL THAT IS, as all is Her Creation.
The Divine Father and The Divine Mother comprise The Godhead / “God”/ The Father – Mother God. The Divine Father / Spirit is the first cause;- the one that initiates The Creation, after that He is the `Witness’ to it. The Divine Mother, as is the case with all females, is The Creator. All Souls are Her Creation / Aspects of Her. This includes every”thing” from the smallest atom to the greatest galaxy, as all are Souls in spiritual evolution.
Lord Rananda Kumara, via Cdr Zanna on 20th May 2016
Much Love from Rananda. —❤

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If, by the time the Soul vacates the physical body, the vibrational frequency of that body’s physical cells has risen close enough to the 5D frequency, they will make a quantum leap to the 5D frequency band, and that body will disappear from 3D gaze. This is what happened in the case of Lord Jeshua when His physical body disappeared from the tomb;- but this has also happened in other cases that were not recorded. This is what is known as ascending in one’s Light Body.

The physical cells are transmuted to 5D frequency and form the “Light Body” of that Soul who inhabited that physical body. The Soul has reblended within the Collective Being of it’s Higher Self, but the transmutation of it’s physical cells to 5D frequency, creates a 5D Body Of Light in the original form of the physical body, and that Soul is then capable of acting out independently of it’s Higher Self, in that Light Body. That Soul may appear to people in the 3D world to convey a message, and although it will appear as it did as a physical being, it’s face will shine softly with Light and it’s form will appear to be radiant. This also happened in the case of Lord Jeshua when He appeared to some of His friends and His disciples after His crucifixion and entombment.
In His appearances to these people, Lord Jeshua was demonstrating the reality of continued existence in the ascended form, after the death of the physical body, but, in times of great distress, many people call upon His aid and that of other great Light Beings;- the renowned Saints and Masters and Holy Men and Women of their various religions. Just like Jeshua, these great Light Beings continue to exist in their Body of Light, and have frequently been reported as having appeared in that Light Body to those that call upon them.


Those great Light Beings that walked the Earth are Soul Aspects of their Higher Selves who exist in a higher dimension. In the case of Lord Jeshua, His Higher Self is Lord Sananda Kumara of the great Kumaran family of Venus. Sananda’s Father is Lord Sanat Kumara who is at the head of that family, and whose Divine Complement is Lady Venus. These great Star Beings send their Soul Aspects to incarnate upon the Earth to carry out some great life purpose that will aid the spiritual evolution of the Earth and her inhabitants.

Much of the spiritual evolution of the Earth has been guided in this way by Star Beings who incarnated upon the Earth from extra-terrestrial families of several star systems. Life was originally seeded on the Earth by the Star Brethren, when she became capable of sustaining it, and thereafter, the `gardeners’ have come to encourage the growth of that life.
Many of these Star Beings / Light Beings have worked as “Ground Crew” on several other planets before volunteering to bring the Light to the Earth, but for many of them, their work is now done and they can withdraw from the 3D Earth and continue to work from the Higher Realms of 6D+.
Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 25th April 2016.
Much Love from Rananda. —❤

1119f-casperweb12My first experience of inter-species communication was when I was a young boy. My aunt and uncle used to leave their pet Alsatian, Betty, with us when they went on holiday. I became great friends with Betty, and would take her for long walks in the countryside surrounding the little Scottish town where we lived. I also found it very easy to teach her tricks. In one of these that I remember, I would point two fingers at Betty and say;- “Bang! you’re dead”— Betty would fall over on the floor and lie still with eyes closed. After a few seconds, she would open one eye to see if the game was over, and come back to life. She seemed to just pick up on what I wished her to do by seeing into my Mind and reading my visualization. My aunt and uncle were amazed when they returned from holiday to pick up their dog and I showed them this trick. They thought that it must have taken a long time to teach Betty these tricks, but it didn’t.

Still during my boyhood, I used to work at the farm in the school holidays for pocket money, and would be sent up the hill to the fairly distant paddock to bring the young mare down to pull the hay rake. I would take a halter and go into the field where the mare was grazing. I would walk quietly up to her and reach out to put the halter around her neck. She would allow me to get within touching distance, and then throw her head in the air and gallop off to a distant point across the field, and resume quietly grazing. I would approach her again and try to put the halter on her. She would again allow me to reach out to put it on, and then gallop off again. She loved this game but allowed me to catch her at the third attempt each time. Then she would let me get on her back and gallop with me down the hill to the farm entrance. I would be clinging on for dear life. I have always loved horses and she seemed to know it.

After I was married, we had a dog named Brandy. She was a young bitch that we had from when she was a pup. She was a Golden-Brown sheep dog. When she was a pup I made a kennel for her. She took a great interest in the kennel and, part way through it’s construction, she came to visit me and got into the kennel and laid down as if trying it out. She seemed to know that I was making it for her, though I had said nothing to her about it.

Then, later on, when we were living in our own home (Not with the in-laws any longer) I would be sitting in my easy chair and idly thinking;- “Perhaps I will pop down to the pub in a minute for a pint.”— ( I still used to drink in those days before my spiritual awakening.) Brandy would get up from where she had been sleeping behind the setee, come over to me and place her head in my lap. She would look at me with her big Brown eyes, and I could hear her say telepathically;- “Come on then; lets go.” — This without a word being spoken, or even a movement on my part to get my coat.

When Brandy passed away, I was standing at the bus stop in the city waiting for my bus home from work. She came to me telepathically and told me that she had gone.

After we had our youngest son, Christopher, our daughter, Annette, gave him a little Black and White kitten for his fifth birthday. She had brought this little kitten home from the farm in a cardboard box, and when we were all gathered, she took her out of the box. We all inspected her and I noticed that she had a line of White stars on her belly. We were all trying to think of a good name for her, and I thought of “Starry”, but said nothing. We asked Chris what he would like to call her, and he said “Starry”! — I believe that Starry’s first memories of the world were from when she was taken out of the cardboard box to join our family, as every Christmas she would delve in among the empty boxes and wrapping paper, and inspect the boxes to see if there were any kittens in them. She believed that kittens were born from Cardboard boxes. Starry saw herself as a member of our family right from the start. She knew her place in the family was as one of the siblings, and she knew that Chris was the youngest and Annette the eldest, and that Enid was Mum and I was Dad. Starry liked to explore and would follow me into the garage or the cellar and get locked in. One time Enid and I heard Starry ring her bell which was secured around her neck, but Starry was locked in the garage at the top of the garden, and we were in the kitchen behind double glazing. there was no way that we could have heard her bell from there. Then she got locked in the cellar and rang her bell, telepathically, for us again.

I made a little cat kennel for Starry in my shed, for her to shelter in while she waited to be let into the house, and while it was on the work-bench, and before I had put the front on, Starry paid me a visit in my shed and jumped up on the bench. She got into the half built cat kennel and laid down to try it out. She knew that I was making it for her. She had read my thoughts and had come to see if she approved !

One night we had gone to bed and as I was dozing off, I heard;- “I’m a poor little Leopard cub and I am locked out in the cold. This door is too heavy for me to open”. Enid went down and let her in. This is how I found out that she had lived as a Leopard at one time. She didn’t seem to differentiate between her past lives as we do. She lived in The Now Moment and experienced all of her lives simultaneously. She seemed to switch from one life to the other at will.

She used to come into my dreams more frequently after that, and showed herself to me as a fierce looking jungle cat, and one time I dreamt that I was lying asleep on the jungle floor and was a bit nervous because I knew that Tigers were prowling around in the jungle. Then a big Tiger came up to me and curled up against my back. I heard a voice tell me;- “I wouldn’t harm you” (She had sensed my fear) — When I awoke I found that Starry was curled up against my back in the bed !

In another dream, I felt a heavy thump as a large cat jumped up on the bed (in the dream) I saw that it was a big Ginger Tom, and Starry was again curled up in the bed. —

In this way she showed me her past lives during my dream state. Starry was a tiny cat only about half the size of a regular house cat, but a cat is a cat is a cat. Big cats act exactly like small cats. There is no difference between a Tiger and a house cat, except in size.

Starry lived to be 17 years of age, and the day after she passed on, she guided us to a newspaper article that was all about White Lion cubs being born in South Africa. Then she came into my meditation and showed herself to me as a White cat with a little Black on the back. She was telling me that she was going to be reborn as a White Lioness, and was changing from a mostly Black cat to a White one. On the day that she was born into her new life as a White Lioness, she came into my dream and her fur was all wet from the womb. She played a game with Christopher, but I noticed that she had very large, broad paws and claws to match. Then she left via the front door. She had come to say “goodbye”.

During the succeeding weeks Enid and I both received dream messages from Starry in her new life in South Africa. She showed herself to me lying crashed out, leaning her head against her mum’s tummy and again, lying down on her belly, lapping water at the waterhole. Enid received a message from her to tell her that now she ate out of doors and showed her assorted body parts of Zebras, etc. (Enid used to be responsible for feeding Starry with cat meat, indoors, when she lived with us.) She showed Enid the cave where she lived with a pride of Lions.

Starry lived as a White Lioness for approximately three years, then one night, in my dream, I was visiting my recently deceased friend Lawrence’s flat in Heaven (4D) and was sitting in his easy chair, when a big cat jumped up on my lap. It was Starry, but she was bigger than Starry and was a kind of nondescript mottled colour. ( No particular colour.) Starry was telling me that she was now between lives and living in Heaven, with my friend Lawrence in his bachelor flat.

Just recently, Enid had a dream where she saw a big Black and White house cat. It was Starry, telling her that she was now in a new life.

I believe that Starry had lived several lives as loner cats, (Leopards, jungle cats,etc.) but had felt a need to learn about giving and receiving Love, which could only be done in a family situation, as a house cat, or in a family situation in a pride of Lions. Starry was always a very loving and caring pussycat. Whenever any one would have a coughing fit, she would jump up on their chest and look into their eyes as if to say;-”Are you all right” — and when I was in intensive care in hospital, after my Coronary bypass op’, she came to visit me on the Atral, jumped up on my chest the way she does; looked into my eyes and gave me that;- “Are you all right Dad” look. Enid told me that Starry wouldn’t sleep on our bed until I came home. Such a loving and caring pussy. —

I believe that animals are learning how to give and receive Love as the next step in their spiritual evolution. We can reciprocate this Love by welcoming them as members of our families Thus we will come to realize that animals and plants are people too.

Rananda Kumara via Cdr Zanna on 9th April 2016.

Lots of Love from Rananda. —❤


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