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The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is not the Mother Earth. She is the collective consciousness of all that is separate from Spirit; of all Souls in creation.

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

Every Soul, no matter how small is an aspect of The Divine Mother. Before there was separation, all existed within Spirit and there was no polarity of male and female; Divine Father and Divine Mother, but when, at The Creation,separation occurred, polarity was created and there was a Divine Father and a Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is all that is separate from Spirit. After separation, She divided into smaller and smaller Souls, each with a male and female aspect and they, in turn, divided into further polarized Souls.

With each division, the consciousness of these Souls was diminished.  Planets stars and galaxies are also Souls and aspects of The Divine Mother. This planet, Mother Earth is currently a third dimensional [3D] planet, but soon to make a dimensional shift to 4D. Planets, like people,are evolving Souls.

Some people, incarnate on the Earth, are at a higher level of awareness, or higher dimensional level than Mother Earth herself. The vast majority of people are at the 3D level of awareness,but there are 4D, 5D and even a few 6D Souls incarnate here,although the 6D Souls have to take a step down to 5D in order to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation.

The idea that Mother Earth is The Divine Mother has it`s roots in the Native American tradition. In a sense,Mother Earth is our `mother`; in that the material substance of our physical bodies  has come out, or `been born`, of hers; but she is not The Divine Mother.

Angel   of Light - Lei Andra by Glenyss Bourne

Angel of Light – Lei Andra by Glenyss Bourne

The 6D Souls incarnate on the Earth evolved to maturity and united with Spirit at the end of the previous evolutionary period. They have volunteered to descend once more into incarnation at the start of this current evolutionary period to act as facilitators of the evolutionary process; to be teachers, inventors, artists and composers, writers and political innovators, etc.

It is they who `oil the wheels`of spiritual evolution. The 3D Souls incarnate on the Earth are attending `the school of life`, and many of the 4D and 5D Souls are their teachers, both in, incarnation and during discarnation.

A Soul`s level is denoted by Her Soul-Aura colour. The youngest Souls are Red and they progress through the colours of the rainbow until they reach Indigo.

There are Violet Souls,but they have reached the 6D level and are no longer able to remain in the cycle of reincarnation. They can only regain that ability if they take a step down to the 5D [Indigo] level as mentioned above.

Archangel Sandalphon in Flight by Glenyss Bourne

Archangel Sandalphon in Flight by Glenyss Bourne

3D Souls progress to higher and higher levels at `the school of life` through the machinery of karma and receive tuition during discarnation, from the older Souls.”

A channeled message from “Father”

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Beyond The Mind

Sacred Heart of Action by Glenyss BourneThe Mind alone cannot know what is beyond the Mind, but when the Mind is balanced by the Heart, one can know what is beyond the limitations of the Mind alone.

This is how the Higher Heart chakra is opened and one takes the first step into Christ Consciousness.

Father’ through Rananda


The home of Christianity is on the higher dimensions of the planet Venus, long said to be the home of Lord Jeshua. This is true; Jeshua incarnated upon the Earth as a Soul Aspect of His Higher Self, Lord Sananda Kumara, of the ruling Kumaran family of Venus.

       Many of those that were disciples and followers of Jeshua were also Kumarans. His mission was a group, Kumaran effort mounted from Venus, with the help of the incarnations of advanced Souls from other worlds of the Galactic Federation Of Light. (GFL)

       Christianity pre-existed on Venus, the planet of Love and Peace, and several attempts were made to seed it on the Earth. On Venus, it is not the planetary Christ, but the Cosmic Christ that is venerated, and on a certain date in the Venusian year, His birthday is celebrated. On that date, which corresponds to Christmas Day upon the Earth, gifts are given to the children, who represent the newborn Cosmic Christ. On the Earth, the “Wise Men”, who were also incarnate Kumarans,  brought gifts to honor the newborn Christ child.

Much of our culture and beliefs on the Earth have been seeded here from the Stars. Buddhism and Hinduism are other such seedings upon the Earth, that have successfully taken root.


Lady Isobel Diaz Kumara (Mate of Lord Rananda Kumara) via Rananda Kumara on 31st December 2014

Lots of Love from Rananda.

Expanded version of the great ascension ceremony of 21st December, by Lady Tazjima.


Lord Adrigon on ascension. — Lady Tazjima.

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Art ~ Freydoon Rassouli (Spirit of Love) pinterest

ART : Spirit of Love ~ Freydoon Rassouli

Lord Adrigon: On Ascension

Ash Tree Pioneer Park

Lord Adrigon: On Ascension

Channeler:  Tazjima

I AM Lord Adrigon. I greet you today from the deck of our mother ship, my personal vessel, The White Winds, which is stationed between Earth and Venus. When you look upon the Morning Star just before dawn, you will also be looking upon us.

Our Pleiadian fleet is stationed within and around your solar system until that time when your world will be set completely free from its ancient restraints, brought upon it by darkened souls from another Universe.

As part of our mission here, we train those who are starseed volunteers, who are willing to step down in their frequencies and enter the cycle of incarnation upon your world. In league with the etheric retreats that still exist with the auric field…

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Lady Tazjima’s account of the great ascension ceremony and celebration for the First Wavers on the 21st December Winter Solstice 2014

Eliza on degrees Of Separation.


Sanat Kumara- Greetings From The Planet Of Love; via Lady Tazjima.

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QUAN YIN beautiful new...

ART : Quan Yin

Sanat Kumara: I send you greetings from the Planet of Love

I AM Sanat Kumara.

Greetings from your Sister planet, Venus.

Venus is known to astrologers as the planet of Love. She signifies beauty, grace, harmony and wisdom.

The people of Venus have long held a tradition of providing a place for spiritual seekers from all over the Omniverse to learn in the ancient colleges. This is where one prepares to be a planetary logos, a Chohan or holder of other advanced spiritual offices, both within this solar system and others scattered throughout this Universe.

Venus is where I made my final preparations to be the planetary logos of your dearly beloved planet, Earth. And Venus is where I have returned to fulfill my duty to my planet and my people. Yet, still I serve, as many of us continue to do, for as long as…

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Lady Tazjima on being happy.

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sam carlo 15.11. a

Eliza: On Being Happy

Bennington Lake 2012

Eliza: On “Being” Happy

Since I have publicly shared that a part of me has ascended, I have been questioned and have questioned myself, “Why don’t I FEEL happy now?”

Really… this morning I feel fine, quiet, neutral and open to the energies. It is a “happy” place for me, but in no way overt or gregarious. I don’t need to share with the world my inner peace or joy in a loud, attention-seeking manner. I’m just sitting here, in my living room being “happy”.

Why? Did I receive something in the mail? Did I get a kiss from a loved one? Did I earn my happiness due to something I have accomplished? Or am I simply being “me” in the moment, a very quiet moment, with no music, no Facebook, no books, no television set, no newspapers or even…

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