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The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is not the Mother Earth. She is the collective consciousness of all that is separate from Spirit; of all Souls in creation.

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

Every Soul, no matter how small is an aspect of The Divine Mother. Before there was separation, all existed within Spirit and there was no polarity of male and female; Divine Father and Divine Mother, but when, at The Creation,separation occurred, polarity was created and there was a Divine Father and a Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is all that is separate from Spirit. After separation, She divided into smaller and smaller Souls, each with a male and female aspect and they, in turn, divided into further polarized Souls.

With each division, the consciousness of these Souls was diminished.  Planets stars and galaxies are also Souls and aspects of The Divine Mother. This planet, Mother Earth is currently a third dimensional [3D] planet, but soon to make a dimensional shift to 4D. Planets, like people,are evolving Souls.

Some people, incarnate on the Earth, are at a higher level of awareness, or higher dimensional level than Mother Earth herself. The vast majority of people are at the 3D level of awareness,but there are 4D, 5D and even a few 6D Souls incarnate here,although the 6D Souls have to take a step down to 5D in order to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation.

The idea that Mother Earth is The Divine Mother has it`s roots in the Native American tradition. In a sense,Mother Earth is our `mother`; in that the material substance of our physical bodies  has come out, or `been born`, of hers; but she is not The Divine Mother.

Angel   of Light - Lei Andra by Glenyss Bourne

Angel of Light – Lei Andra by Glenyss Bourne

The 6D Souls incarnate on the Earth evolved to maturity and united with Spirit at the end of the previous evolutionary period. They have volunteered to descend once more into incarnation at the start of this current evolutionary period to act as facilitators of the evolutionary process; to be teachers, inventors, artists and composers, writers and political innovators, etc.

It is they who `oil the wheels`of spiritual evolution. The 3D Souls incarnate on the Earth are attending `the school of life`, and many of the 4D and 5D Souls are their teachers, both in, incarnation and during discarnation.

A Soul`s level is denoted by Her Soul-Aura colour. The youngest Souls are Red and they progress through the colours of the rainbow until they reach Indigo.

There are Violet Souls,but they have reached the 6D level and are no longer able to remain in the cycle of reincarnation. They can only regain that ability if they take a step down to the 5D [Indigo] level as mentioned above.

Archangel Sandalphon in Flight by Glenyss Bourne

Archangel Sandalphon in Flight by Glenyss Bourne

3D Souls progress to higher and higher levels at `the school of life` through the machinery of karma and receive tuition during discarnation, from the older Souls.”

A channeled message from “Father”

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Beyond The Mind

Sacred Heart of Action by Glenyss BourneThe Mind alone cannot know what is beyond the Mind, but when the Mind is balanced by the Heart, one can know what is beyond the limitations of the Mind alone.

This is how the Higher Heart chakra is opened and one takes the first step into Christ Consciousness.

Father’ through Rananda


Lady Tazjima on Sirius A & B

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Journal Entry 10.30.2014

by Eliza Ayres

Journal Entry 10.30.2014

Well, nearly a week has gone by since my Higher Self ascended. I’ve been told that not much of my soul essence remains, yet I have full body consciousness. I’ve also been told that will eventually switch over to 5D / 6D awareness at some point in the future. Based on my cousin’s experiences, that could be about five to 7 months in the future, depending on me… and other things.

I will say that I experienced a couple of days of a very intense combination of feeling abandoned, grieving and anger. Since I’m not normally a very demonstrative type person, it was quite amazing to feel the intensity. I suppose it didn’t help to have five planets in conjunction within water signs… or whatever was happening astrologically. Did astrology in one lifetime and got imprisoned for it then a…

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Archangel Adrigon via Lady Tazjima. —

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buddhabe at tymblr buddha.

Archangel Adrigon: On Free-Will and Choice

Greetings, it is I, Lord Adrigon, presiding over the Pleiadian High Council and many other councils, as well. It is with great reverence and joy that we continue our discussions.

Last night, as our scribe communicated with her Sirian friend (who is also incarnated on GAIA) she realized that she has been recording our words for quite some time. We first came to her as the collective “voice” of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. And even earlier in her experience, one day out of curiosity she asked the air, knowing that someone was listening, “Who sent me here?” And promptly, she received the answer, “The Council of Nine.” She was able to accept that answer despite having no knowledge, whatsoever, of the Council before that very day. Her heart knew, even if her mind was unable to comprehend.

Since that time, our scribe has…

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Eliza: On Post-Ascension Syndrome

Okay, I invented the above phrase but someone had to do it and I do have an odd sense of humor. I am currently experiencing the beginning of that curious life phase when one HAS ascended and Lady Tazjima did – it was witnessed by others who are still in embodiment – when enough soul essence still remains within the body to make it “feel” as if nothing happened at all.

My cousin, Rananda Kumara aka David Spear of England, warned me that I might and probably would feel this way for a while as my primary focus readjusted and retuned to being in the higher dimensions. This sensation of still being “here” was one noted early on by the ship crew members directly involved with monitoring and assisting the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) volunteers who had walked in and were attempting to complete the…

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AA Ezekiel channeled by Taz’

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art Buddha Art by Chetan Katigar

ART : Buddha Art by Chetan Katigar

Archangel Ezekiel: Greetings!

Archangel Ezekiel: Greetings!

A Note from the Scribe: With joy I bring you a message from Archangel Ezekiel. Two days ago, I did not consciously know of his existence and yet I know HIM. His Presence, although unacknowledged, has been with me a long time. Now I am pleased to bring you a message from this yet little known Archangel:

Greetings, I AM Archangel Ezekiel, a Captain of the Angelic Realms and brother to Archangel Michael, of whom many of you know well. I am lesser known of my Archangelic brothers and sisters, yet I play an important role for those of you who are ready to release the Old and embrace the New. I am known as the Angel of Death and Transformation.

This title and office may lead many to shudder…

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Taz’s ascension cont’ – The Ceremony.

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Strawberry Creek

The Ceremony

The great auditorium is very quiet although it is filled to capacity. The light is dimmed, with all eyes upon the beautiful altar in the center of the hall. The seats are arrayed in circles around the altar, and go up in graded levels towards the rear of the hall, so all can see what is to take place.

In Hollywood, they speak of star-studded gatherings. Well, at my ascension ceremony, the hall is filled with real luminaries, great Beings of Light who have come to attend the Ascension of the daughter of Lady Master Venus and Archangel Zadkiel, the one whom you know as Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe.

I see the seats are placed in soft spirals and now I weave my way down to the altar, accompanied by two young priestesses, one my own daughter. I am dressed simply now, in a white robe for I…

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Taz’s ascension day.

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View from Beaver Ridge

On My Ascension Day

A new friend asked me how I was feeling today:

I woke up after an intense, very detailed and long dream of being in a bright city with friends.  We were in a restaurant.  Then I walked out into the garden below and saw a paved trail leading away, towards tall steep mountains looming in the bright distance.  I wanted to follow that path right then and now, but I hesitated and returned to the restaurant.  I found my friends and was eating some powdered donuts (!) and then realized that I had lost my purse and could not pay.  I asked for assistance, but everyone was in a rush.  I spoke to the lady at the cash register.  She asked me if I had credit… I did.  She said it was okay and handed over a package for me.  I looked into it, a tablecloth…

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This is Pt 1 of Taz’s account of her ascension.

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ART  Pradeesh Raman (Buddha type)

ART : Pradeesh Raman

Journal Entry 10.23.2014

For those of my readers who are pre-maturely suffering from separation anxiety or grief, I will still be aware of physical (3D / 4D) for a while yet.  From the experiences that Rananda has related, he is just becoming more aware of the higher dimensional life, although it still appears dream-like to him and upon waking he forgets quite a bit.  Still, this is a transition that will take a few months to accomplish.  While physically aware, I will be able to share some of my experiences whether dreams or memories or actual experiences, as is appropriate for a general audience.

Hopefully, I should have complete aware focus in 5D / 6D by late next spring.  I’ll keep in touch as long as I can and when Sundeelia communicates with you, you may not even notice a difference.  So, we’re all sharing a rather…

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