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The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is not the Mother Earth. She is the collective consciousness of all that is separate from Spirit; of all Souls in creation.

The Divine Mother by Rananda

The Divine Mother by Rananda

Every Soul, no matter how small is an aspect of The Divine Mother. Before there was separation, all existed within Spirit and there was no polarity of male and female; Divine Father and Divine Mother, but when, at The Creation,separation occurred, polarity was created and there was a Divine Father and a Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is all that is separate from Spirit. After separation, She divided into smaller and smaller Souls, each with a male and female aspect and they, in turn, divided into further polarized Souls.

With each division, the consciousness of these Souls was diminished.  Planets stars and galaxies are also Souls and aspects of The Divine Mother. This planet, Mother Earth is currently a third dimensional [3D] planet, but soon to make a dimensional shift to 4D. Planets, like people,are evolving Souls.

Some people, incarnate on the Earth, are at a higher level of awareness, or higher dimensional level than Mother Earth herself. The vast majority of people are at the 3D level of awareness,but there are 4D, 5D and even a few 6D Souls incarnate here,although the 6D Souls have to take a step down to 5D in order to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation.

The idea that Mother Earth is The Divine Mother has it`s roots in the Native American tradition. In a sense,Mother Earth is our `mother`; in that the material substance of our physical bodies  has come out, or `been born`, of hers; but she is not The Divine Mother.

Angel   of Light - Lei Andra by Glenyss Bourne

Angel of Light – Lei Andra by Glenyss Bourne

The 6D Souls incarnate on the Earth evolved to maturity and united with Spirit at the end of the previous evolutionary period. They have volunteered to descend once more into incarnation at the start of this current evolutionary period to act as facilitators of the evolutionary process; to be teachers, inventors, artists and composers, writers and political innovators, etc.

It is they who `oil the wheels`of spiritual evolution. The 3D Souls incarnate on the Earth are attending `the school of life`, and many of the 4D and 5D Souls are their teachers, both in, incarnation and during discarnation.

A Soul`s level is denoted by Her Soul-Aura colour. The youngest Souls are Red and they progress through the colours of the rainbow until they reach Indigo.

There are Violet Souls,but they have reached the 6D level and are no longer able to remain in the cycle of reincarnation. They can only regain that ability if they take a step down to the 5D [Indigo] level as mentioned above.

Archangel Sandalphon in Flight by Glenyss Bourne

Archangel Sandalphon in Flight by Glenyss Bourne

3D Souls progress to higher and higher levels at `the school of life` through the machinery of karma and receive tuition during discarnation, from the older Souls.”

A channeled message from “Father”

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Beyond The Mind

Sacred Heart of Action by Glenyss BourneThe Mind alone cannot know what is beyond the Mind, but when the Mind is balanced by the Heart, one can know what is beyond the limitations of the Mind alone.

This is how the Higher Heart chakra is opened and one takes the first step into Christ Consciousness.

Father’ through Rananda


Taz’s ascension cont’ – The Ceremony.

Originally posted on Blue Dragon Journal:

Strawberry Creek

The Ceremony

The great auditorium is very quiet although it is filled to capacity. The light is dimmed, with all eyes upon the beautiful altar in the center of the hall. The seats are arrayed in circles around the altar, and go up in graded levels towards the rear of the hall, so all can see what is to take place.

In Hollywood, they speak of star-studded gatherings. Well, at my ascension ceremony, the hall is filled with real luminaries, great Beings of Light who have come to attend the Ascension of the daughter of Lady Master Venus and Archangel Zadkiel, the one whom you know as Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe.

I see the seats are placed in soft spirals and now I weave my way down to the altar, accompanied by two young priestesses, one my own daughter. I am dressed simply now, in a white robe for I…

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Taz’s ascension day.

Originally posted on Blue Dragon Journal:

View from Beaver Ridge

On My Ascension Day

A new friend asked me how I was feeling today:

I woke up after an intense, very detailed and long dream of being in a bright city with friends.  We were in a restaurant.  Then I walked out into the garden below and saw a paved trail leading away, towards tall steep mountains looming in the bright distance.  I wanted to follow that path right then and now, but I hesitated and returned to the restaurant.  I found my friends and was eating some powdered donuts (!) and then realized that I had lost my purse and could not pay.  I asked for assistance, but everyone was in a rush.  I spoke to the lady at the cash register.  She asked me if I had credit… I did.  She said it was okay and handed over a package for me.  I looked into it, a tablecloth…

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This is Pt 1 of Taz’s account of her ascension.

Originally posted on | Pauline Battell | Star Seed | Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner | Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher |Spiritual Channeller | Lightworker |:

ART  Pradeesh Raman (Buddha type)

ART : Pradeesh Raman

Journal Entry 10.23.2014

For those of my readers who are pre-maturely suffering from separation anxiety or grief, I will still be aware of physical (3D / 4D) for a while yet.  From the experiences that Rananda has related, he is just becoming more aware of the higher dimensional life, although it still appears dream-like to him and upon waking he forgets quite a bit.  Still, this is a transition that will take a few months to accomplish.  While physically aware, I will be able to share some of my experiences whether dreams or memories or actual experiences, as is appropriate for a general audience.

Hopefully, I should have complete aware focus in 5D / 6D by late next spring.  I’ll keep in touch as long as I can and when Sundeelia communicates with you, you may not even notice a difference.  So, we’re all sharing a rather…

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After one’s Crown chakra has opened, one’s own chakras are able to resonate with the chakras of another Soul, and if any of the chakras of that other Soul are constricted, the same chakras in one’s own lower chakra system will also become constricted, and one will feel that something is amiss, or will feel “off color”, or ill, or may even feel actual physical pain at the chakra location in one’s physical body.

       This is known as “Catching” of the chakras, and can only occur when one becomes emotionally involved with the other Soul in some way; for example, if one sympathizes (Shares the pain) with their plight, or allows oneself to become angered by their attitude of rudeness or disrespect toward oneself.

It is the way of the Master to maintain an attitude of detachment when guiding or counseling another Soul. If that Soul tries to draw the Master into argument, stops listening, or plys the Master with question after question, or the same question again and again, after having been told the answer the first time, or is rude or disrespectful, the Master breaks off the conversation and detaches himself from that Soul, allowing him / her to find their own way.

A Soul can frequently become angered if the advice of the Master is not what they have wished to hear. When that happens, it is in the interest of the Master to withdraw and not be drawn into an angry exchange, or he will then be emotionally involved,  and his chakras will begin to “catch” from the other Soul at that point.

It is the way of the Master not to allow himself to be drawn into heated exchanges between other Souls, or to take sides in arguments between them, and to distance himself from any such. The Master is at one with his Higher Self, and this gives him the ability to cut through confused argument with a sword of clarity and Truth. He has no investment in that Truth, and allows others to accept it or reject it as they wish.

It may seem uncaring and unloving of the Master not to sympathize with the plight of another Soul, but that is not the case; the Master Loves all unconditionally; however he has a duty to himself to protect his own chakras from catching from that other Soul. He may offer help from a detached point of view, without becoming emotionally involved and allowing his chakras to become constricted.

It is said that “We are all Masters” — but this is not true; one becomes a “Master” when one reblends with one’s Higher Self and gains access to His Love and Wisdom.


Rananda Kumara and Master Kuthumi via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 5th October 2014.


Love and Light from Rananda Kumara. <3 <3

Originally posted on Blue Dragon Journal:


Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeler: Trillia Gia

It is I, Archangel Michael.  I greet you this day. I come to speak directly to you in this now moment of time.  Feel My Presence and know always that you are never alone. We are family and it is My honor to guide and protect each soul who sends forth a call from their heart flame to Mine. We are well within the days of transition and know that the Change that is within you shall soon manifest before you. 

Have you chosen to bring forth the beauty that flows forth from your heart in service to our Father Mother God through your heart to create the miracles you seek?  Each of you who reads My words have stood before Me to pledge your hands,  your feet and most importantly your heart in service to our Creator to bring forth that which has…

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There is much confusion regarding the ascension of the physical body.

One is not going to ascend in one’s physical body, but the cells of the physical body are going to rise, gradually, in vibrational frequency, until the moment when the Soul finally vacates that body.

If,by that time, the frequency of the physical cells has risen high enough, they will make a “quantum leap” in frequency, into the 5D frequency band, and that physical body will disappear from 3D gaze.

       The cells of the physical body will be transmuted in this way, to form the 5D Light Body of the ascended Soul Aspect, within the collective consciousness that is it’s Higher Self.

Meanwhile; the Soul that had occupied that physical vehicle, will also be rising in vibrational frequency, and ascending, via 4D, until it ensouls it’s 5D Light Body, within the collective consciousness of it’s Higher Self.

After that point, the ascended Soul Aspect is able  to act out, independently of it’s Higher Self, and may appear to people on the Earth, in it’s Light Body, as beloved Yeshua did.


Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

In “The Empty Tomb” scenario, Mary Magdalene goes early in the morning and finds the tomb where Yeshua’s body was laid, empty , and containing only the grave clothes. She calls John and Peter; telling them that someone has taken her Lord away; she knows not where. John and Peter come and also witness the empty tomb, then depart, leaving the weeping Mary outside of the tomb. Mary looks into the tomb and sees two Angels in White, one at the head, and the other at the foot of where Yeshua’s body had lain. They ask Mary why she is weeping. Then, looking outside the tomb, she sees a man standing nearby, whom she at first takes for the gardener. The man also asks her why she is weeping, and she tells him;- “They have taken away my Lord”.— Then he says to her;- “Mary”— and she recognizes him as Yeshua, and says;- “Master”— He says to her;- “Touch me not for I am not yet ascended to my Father.”— In this statement, he is telling Mary that he is in a state of transition during his ascension. He has so far ascended only as far as 4D (The Astral) and Mary being very close to him emotionally, is able to `see’ him in his Astral body through her Third Eye. He advises her not to touch him as that would pull down his ascending frequency. The “Father” that he tells her that he is ascending to, is his Higher Self; his “Father in Heaven”; (5D) Lord Sananda Kumara.




Later that day, in the evening, Yeshua appears to his disciples in his 5D Light Body; and later again, to other friends. He is now a fully ascended Light Being, and is capable of action independent of his Higher Self, but can also remain reblended with his Higher Self if he so chooses.

In these days, many of the “First Wave Wayshowers” are in the process of “ascension”, but the process is different in some ways from the acension undergone by Yeshua.

An ascendent wayshower who has been working on the Earth as GFL “Ground Crew” for many thousands of years, will be allocated a walk-in Soul, so that he / she can return to the ships of the GFL, after reblending with his / her Higher Self.

As the vibrational frequency of the incarnate Soul gradually rises, it reaches a point where it’s frequency is close enough to that of the Higher Self, for the Higher Self to reblend  with it, and ensoul the physical body, in company with the walk-in Soul. The walk in Soul then acts as a channel for the Higher Self on the Earth.

Later, when the time is right, the reblended Higher Self shifts His / Her focus of awareness, from the 3D Earth to the 5D ships. Meanwhile the walk-in Soul continues to ensoul the physical body on the Earth, and continues the work of the former occupant. Friends and family of the ascended Soul Aspect may notice a personality change at this point, as it is the personality of the walk-in  Soul that is now expressed through that physical body.

When the walk-in Soul eventually withdraws from the physical form, and that form “dies”, the cells of that physical body will make the quantum leap to the 5D frequency band, as in the case of Yeshua, and that physical form will disappear from 3D gaze. That physical form, transmuted now to 5D, will become the 5D Light Body of the ascended Soul Aspect within the Higher Self. That Soul Aspect, in it’s 5D Light Body, will now become capable of action, independently  of it’s Higher Self, and, as in the case of Yeshua, may appear to friends and family members upon the Earth in it’s Light Body. Indeed, that Soul Aspect has now become a separate  Light Being from it’s Higher Self; although still an Aspect of the Great Light Being that is it’s Higher Self. It can exist within and without the Higher Self in the same moment.

I, Rananda Kumara, was greatly honored to walk with Yeshua, in my Soul Asect of John The Beloved Disciple, and to be the second, after Mary Magdalene, to witness his empty tomb. At the end of that life, I ascended as my Master did before me, and now, as John, have an existence as a Light Being, independent from Rananda Kumara. Since that time frame, I have ascended in that way in at least three other lives, and they too are independent Light Beings.


Lord Sananda Kumara and Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 8th September 2014.


Love and Light from Rananda.



The number of “First Wave Wayshowers” that have been working on the Earth for many lifetimes, amounts to thousands, but arrangements have been made by the great Light Beings of the Higher Realms for them to return “Home” to the ships of the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL), in groups of several hundred at a time, beginning on the 21st December Winter Solstice 2014, and extending, on astronomical, and astrological alignment dates, throughout 2015 and beyond.

These First Wave Wayshowers, many of whom have served on the Earth for many thousands of years, since the beginning of the evolution that ended on 21st December 2012, have now finished their tour of duty on the Earth, and are to reascend to the ships of the GFL to reap their reward for their many lives of service to Mother Earth and Humankind. These First Wavers originally volunteered  for this service and descended from 6D to 5D to enable them to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation. They were advanced spiritual beings who exerted a civilizing influence on Humankind and formed a spiritual connection for them. Many of them were accused of heresy and were terribly persecuted in some of their incarnations on the Earth. A few were lauded or sainted, and many went completely unrecorded in the annals of history. Some of them had served in the same way on other planets before coming to the Earth.

Second Wave,( and subsequent) Wayshowers who have descended more recently (since the 1980s approx’) to facilitate the ascension to 5D of Mother Earth and those of Humankind that have chosen to ascend to live upon the 5D Earth, will reascend to the ships of the GFL on completion of their work of “Harvest”, and reap their reward.

All of the First Wavers that are to ascend on 21st Dec 2014 must have reblended with their Higher Selves and have been allocated a walk-in so that they can walk-out and return to the ships. If you believe yourself to be amongst those, you should ask your Higher Self if you have a walk-in, and if so, ask that walk-in for his / her name. You should also ask for your ascension date, which may be given as the point when one zodiac sign gives way to another. (eg – “When The Bull gives way to The Twins”).

The first group of “First Wavers” will amount to several hundred, and they will be preceded by two “Forerunners” who will have already reblended with their Higher Selves, walked-out, returned to their ships, and been initiated to 7D by the great Lords Of Light, Lord Sananda and Lord Sanat Kumara. It is they, together with the above mentioned great Lords Of Light, that will officiate at the mass ascension of the “First Wavers” to 7D. These two “Forerunners” are also Kumarans from the higher dimensions of Venus, and Lords / Ladies Of Light.

This initiation from 6D to 7D is the reward for long and faithful service to Mother Earth and Humankind, by these First Wave Wayshowers. They will become Lords and Ladies Of Light. (In the Higher Realms a “Lord” or “Lady” is a greatly honored and respected teacher.) Some of them may descend, voluntarily, from 7D to work in the 5D ships of the GFL as individual counselors to the crew members, or advisers to the various departments within the ships. After “Disclosure” and the “Landings” that are to follow, they may also descend in their Light Bodies to teach upon the Earth, those that wish to join the GFL.

The ascension ceremony is to be held in a large stadium or amphitheater on board the huge Pleiadian mothercraft, “The White Winds”. In this great ship, the ceilings in the outdoor areas, are so high as to appear to be the sky. The host will be Lord Adrigon (Pron’ “Ade Ree Yon”) Top Commander of The White Winds and founder of the Pleiadian fleet. There will also be hundreds of guests present at the ascension ceremony;- members of the Star Families of the ascendent Souls; guides and teachers that have accompanied them upon their Earthly journeys, and old friends from the Higher Realms. The Second Wave Wayshowers will also be guests, and the First Wavers will wave goodbye to them before they ascend to 7D.  The Second Wavers will then return to Earth to complete their work of facilitating the ascension of Mother Earth and Humankind, to 5D.

This will be not only an ascension ceremony, but also a great gala occasion and celebration of the “Homecoming” of the “First Wave Wayshowers”.


Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Commander Zanna.


Love and Light from Rananda.


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